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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Tiger Cubs: Anya - Work hard and concentrate

Anya has 'wowed' us all with her writing this week. At every opportunity she is practising writing sentences. What a super star you are!

Elephants: Jacob - Respect yourself and others

Jacob is such a kind and gentle boy. He is always willing to help others and has been a great friend to Emil, who is new to the school. Well done, Jacob!

Dolphins: Katie - Respect yourself and others

Katie is an adaptable member of Dolphin class, she is unselfish and caring and has demonstrated this, this week. Well done Katie for swapping your nativity character.

Swans: Riley - All learning behaviours

Riley has been a super member of Swan's class this week, not giving up on his fraction work in maths. He even completed work at home. Well done!

Giraffes: Melody - Improve

Melody has had an excellent start to year 4. She has made good choices and challenged herself in Maths, keep it up!

Doves: Charlotte - Work hard and concentrate

Charlotte shows curiosity, enthusiasm and focus in all that we do and is such a positive role model for others, both in Dove's class and as a school councillor. Well done!

Ravens: Rosie - Improve

Rosie has really striven to improve her writing. She has been using her green pen to edit her work and has produced some fantastic writing!

Sport Cup: Jessica - Work hard and concentrate

Jessica worked really hard in her tennis lesson, amazing us with her excellent shots. Well done!