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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Tiger Cubs: Mason - All learning behaviours

Mason has been amazing, a great friend who makes good choices and is happy to try new things! Mason works hard in school and at home, he has impressed us with his sound and number knowledge, terrific!

Elephants: Macie - Work hard and concentrate

Macie has really impressed us this week. She has shown great determination with all her learning. We are very proud!

Dolphins: Laiton - Work hard and concentrate

Laiton has had a fantastic week, always on task and thoroughly enjoys his learning.

Swans: Edward - All learning behaviours

Edward has worked so hard and shown he can demonstrate our learning behaviours, trying French this week. Great 'Big Write' too. Well done!

Giraffes: Pippa - Work hard and concentrate

Pippa has started year 4 with an excellent attitude towards her learning. She has worked hard on improving her writing using the' show not tell' approach. Well done!

Doves: Chay - Improve

Chay , we were speechless when we caught sight of your handwriting during 'Big Write'! What a tremendous effort, resulting in a tremendous improvement. We are so proud of you!

Ravens: Whole class - All learning behaviours

The whole of Raven class 'dug deep' last week and were both resilient and determined. What a great start to the new year!

Sport Cup: Will - Respect yourself and others

Will showed great respect for himself and others in PE this week. He was kind, supportive and caring with his team mates and showed great patience. Well done!