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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Turtles: Elizabeth and Emily - All Learning Behaviours

Elizabeth and Emily were both very kind friends this week. They always work well with others and focus on the right things. You are terrific Turtles!

Flamingos: Hannah - Work hard and concentrate

Hannah always works hard, usually the first one ready to learn and always tries her very best. Amazing effort, Hannah!

Sun Bears: Kayden - All Learning Behaviours

Kayden is a shining example to all Sun Bear class. He is a kind friend, always works hard and gives 100%. Well done!

Foxes: Emily - Work hard and concentrate

Emily has been an excellent friend this week and has worked very hard in class, especially with her writing. Keep it up, Emily!

Badgers: Joshua - Improve

Josh, we are so proud of you for your sustained efforts to improve, particularly your maths and spelling! Keep it up in year 5.

Toucan: Whole Class - Don't give up

Toucan class persevered this week, learning all the songs for the play. They have taken advice and listened carefully. Well done!

Sharks: - Respect yourself and others

Seb works so well with others, showing respect and kindness to his peers. What a super Shark!

Sport Cup: Cameron - Don't give up

Cameron showed great perseverance in PE this week, applying all his past knowledge, resulting in an amazing catch at rounder's! Well done!