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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Turtles: Tahir - All learning Behaviours

Tahir is always ready to help others, he listens well and focuses on the right things. Tahir, you are a 'Terrific Turtle'!

Flamingos: Laiton - Improve

Laiton is trying so hard with his phonics and reading. He is challenging himself by choosing tricky books and persevering until the end! You are a superstar!

Sun Bears: Kayden - Respect yourself and others

Kayden loves to work with both staff and peers in Sun Bear class. He is happy to share his achievements in both English and Maths, which is lovely to see.

Foxes: Joshua - Imagine

Josh has generated excellent ideas when re-creating the story of the 'Iron Man' this week. Keep it up!

Badgers: Ewan - Improve

What a transformation we have seen this year. You have shown us this week that you are trying really hard to make the right choices and work independently and productively with a smile. We are so proud of you!

Toucans: Isabelle - Improve/Don't give up

Issy has worked so hard this term to improve her confidence and independence in Maths. She is making great Challenge Choices and did fantastically with our reflecting and translation work. Keep going Issy!

Sharks: George - Try new things

George enjoyed having a go at acting during our rehearsals this week. Well done!

Sport Cup: Emily - Don't give up

Emily really enjoyed her rounders this week. She persevered and applied the knowledge she had already gained and it really paid off. What an achievement!