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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Lovebirds: Jack - Don't give up.

Jack now demonstrates perseverance during daily challenges. His behaviour is always impeccable and he can look forward to more challenges next term. Well done!

Pandas: Ruby - Improving.

Ruby has been very busy all half term improving her work. She has listened carefully and is ready to apply advice to her learning. You should feel very proud Ruby!

Seahorses: Adam - Respect yourself and others.

Adam has tried hard to do the right thing, manage distractions and be kind to others this week. Mrs Argent was particularly impressed when Adam listened to others as well as sharing his own ideas during special writing.

Giraffes: Whole class - Improve.

Giraffes worked really hard on their special write. They listened to each other's ideas and built on this to write creative and innovative stories.

Ocelots: Daisy - Try new things.

A fantastic learning partner! She is willing to try new things and often goes that extra mile!

Polar Bears: Annabelle - Work hard and concentrate.

Your determination to give your very best and the effort that you have put in to achieve this has impressed staff across the school. You really have shone this week!

Golden Eagles: Oskar - Try new things.

Oskar has shown such a super attitude to his learning this week. He always tries so hard in school. This week he has especially shone by learning our song for the Christmas service and singing so beautifully!

Falcons: Katie-May - Don't give up.

Katie-May has stuck at all of her learning this term and is making amazing progress. Well Done!

Sports Cup: Seb

Seb is always trying new things as well as respecting others. He always includes others and helps them to make the right choice.