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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Zebras: Isabella - Respect yourself and others

It has been such a joy to see Bella's confidence and independence grow as she has formed new friendships over the past few weeks

Chameleons: Max - Work hard and concentrate

We are so proud of Max's determination and focus in RWI this week. He has challenged himself to remember old and new sounds! Well done!

Red Pandas: All learning behaviours

Mason has returned to school and thrown himself into his learning. He is always focussed and tries his best. Well done!

King Cobras: Archie - All learning behaviours

Archie has demonstrated all the learning behaviours this week. He has impressed us all by helping others improve and he has blown us away with his excellent maths work. Keep it up!

Polar Bears: Maxwell - Work hard and concentrate / Don't give up

In the last few weeks, Max has shown much more determination in his creative writing. This week's 'Special Write' was truly fantastic. Max, remember you can do it!

Koalas: Rhys - Improve

Rhys has worked really hard on his presentation and descriptive writing, keep it up!

Mountain Goats: Neha - Work hard and concentrate

Neha impressed us all with the 'double bubble' diagram she created at home to compare natural selection and selective breeding. Well done for putting in the hours, Neha!

Sport Cup: Jake - Work hard and concentrate

Jake showed fantastic stamina and determination during the fitness test this week. Great work, Jake. Well done!