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Headteacher's Cup

Turtles: Maxim - Improve

Maxim has made amazing progress with his sounds. He is now able to blend them to read words and is always enthusiastic in his learning.

Flamingos: Teagan - All learning behaviours

Teagan always demonstrates all of the learning behaviours. She always does the right thing and is ready to learn. A fabulous Flamingo!

Sun Bears: Corley - Improve

Corley has impressed us with his writing this week. He has taken special care with his spellings and presentation. Well done, Corley!

Foxes: Erin - Improve

Erin produced an excellent 'Big Write' this week and has worked hard at being creative and exploring her ideas. Well done, Erin!

Badgers: Archie - All learning behaviours

Archie demonstrates our school learning behaviours day in and day out. He is an amazing role model to all those around him. Keep shining brightly, Archie!

Toucans: Phebe - Work hard and concentrate

Phebe has been working so hard in Maths this week. She has been working independently to solve problems and has really grasped ordering decimals. Keep up the good work!

Sharks: Tanya - Respect yourself and others

Tanya is a real asset to our class. She is always patient and kind. She works well with others and is always spirited and positive, even when she finds the task tough. Well done, Tanya!

Sport Cup: Marley - Work hard and concentrate

Marley really enjoyed his learning in Handball this week. He focussed on all the right things and worked well with his team with great results. Well done, Marley!