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Headteacher's Cup

 Love Birds: Ben - Improve

Ben was beaming with pride when he told me he had eaten all his lunch! Whoosh! A healthy, happy Ben.

Pandas: Melody - Work hard and concentrate

Melody has worked very hard all week. She particularly enjoyed making her clay fish and showed super concentration whilst adding fabulous detail. Well done Melody.

Seahorses: Phoebe - Improve

Phoebe has been concentrating and trying her very best in all lessons this week, as a result, she is making improvements in just about everything she does. What an amazing effort Phoebe. We're very proud of you!

Giraffes: Samuel - Work hard and concentrate

Sam has really tried hard to do the right thing this week. He is striving for accuracy and precision, whilst challenging himself!

Ocelots: Phebe - Work hard and concentrate

Phebe is putting a huge effort into her writing. She works hard to suggest ideas and words she could use to great effort. What a superstar! A brilliant Ocelot.

Polar Bears: Ted - Imagine

Ted worked hard during our Ancient Olympics' investigation to build on and extend the ideas of the rest of his group. Great effort Ted!

Golden Eagles: Ruby - Work hard and concentrate

Ruby has worked really hard this week in literacy. She has been looking at explanations and worked hard to read a range of different explanations. Well done Ruby!

Falcons: Chloe - Imagine

Chloe has learnt her lines for our forthcoming play thoroughly and she has shown us that she will be a brilliant 'Tinkerbell'.

Sports Cup: William - Don't give up

William was so determined during the field events this week, en excellent effort Will.