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Headteacher Cup Winners

This week's Headteacher Cup Winners:

Love Birds:  Charlie -  Improve

Charlie is a happy Lovebird and he now has a super attitude at lunchtime.  Keep smiling Charlie!

Pandas:  Skyla  -  Work hard and concentrate

Skyla has had an amazing week taking on challenges in Maths and enjoying problem solving.  Super work Skyla!

Seahorses:  Chloe  -  Don’t give up

Chloe has really persevered with partitioning in Maths this week.  Her hard work is beginning to pay off and we are very proud of her.  Keep challenging yourself Chloe.  The sky’s the limit!

Giraffes:  Libby  -  Work hard and concentrate

Libby continuously manages to impress.  She puts in tremendous amounts of effort and is a fantastic Giraffe!  Well done Libby!

Ocelots:  Marney  -  work hard and concentrate

Marney has started Year 3 with a very positive attitude.  She concentrates extremely well and tries to do her very best in all lessons.  A very growth mindset approach to her learning!

Polar Bears:  Sophie  -  Work hard and concentrate

What a star you have been this week, Sophie!  You have shown an exemplary attitude towards your learning and risen to challenges with such enthusiasm.  Well done!

Golden Eagles:  Jamie  -  Work hard and concentrate

Jamie has shown he has a super ability to focus and put every effort into his work.  He especially shone this week in topic and R.E. where he created an amazing model synagogue.  He always has a sensible attitude and perseveres with his learning.

Falcons:  Daniel  -   Work hard and concentrate

Daniel amazed the class this week when he converted a variety of measurements from metric to imperial, leading a demonstration to the class.  Daniel is a true ‘Maths Master’.

Sports Cup:  Tom

Tom showed outstanding determination during cross-country practise.  He put in maximum effort and should feel very proud.