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Year 6 Ravens

Autumn 1

Amazing Americas!

Our first topic this year is ' Amazing Americas'. Primarily, this is a Geography topic but we will also study complementary areasĀ in art and music.

Skills Taught:

  • Collect and analyse statistics and other information in order to draw clear conclusions about locations

  • Identify and describe how the physical features affect the human activity within a location.

  • Use a range of geographical resources to give detailed descriptions and opinions of the characteristic features of a location.

  • Identify and describe the geographical significance of latitude, longitude, Equator, Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, Arctic and Antarctic Circle, and time zones (including day and night).

  • Understand some of the reasons for geographical similarities and differences between countries.

  • Describe how locations around the world are changing and explain some of the reasons for change.