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Year 3 Swans

Autumn 1:

The topic for this term is healthy eating and the digestive system. The children will be learning about healthy and unhealthy food, the food pyramid and balanced meals. The children will have the opportunity to take part in a fruit tasting lesson, trying new fruit and becoming familiar with where the fruit can be grown.

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Autumn 2:

This half term our topic will be focusing on fossils and rocks. We will be finding out different facts about fossils, learning the difference between fossils and rocks, as well as undertaking some research in to how old fossils might be, and where we would be able to find them. We will be completing a range of activities, for example; drawing our own dinosaur fossils and even creating our own fossils.


We are trying extremely hard to win the reading stars for our class, so please don't forget to read three times with an adult and write it in your reading record. 

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