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Please find our Autumn 2 Curriculum Newsletter below! 

Thursday 7th December 2017


I am still feeling absolutely blown away by the incredible creativity and enthusiasm that the children have shown in English over the past fortnight and the stunning writing that this resulted in today! 


At the beginning of last week, we enjoyed reading The Pea and the Princess, a fabulous fractured fairy tale that is narrated by the Pea himself! We used a 'Likes, Dislikes, Puzzles, Patterns' grid to frame what quickly became a brilliantly lively discussion about the book and also created a 'story path' as a class, which we walked down as we retold the story. 

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Having explored the language, structure and style of a story narrated by a vegetable, we have been writing our own stories inspired by the Kevin the Carrot Christmas advert: 

Aldi Christmas Advert 2016 (Kevin the Carrot)

We have applied what we have learnt to tell the story of Kevin the Carrot's quest to meet Father Christmas from his perspective. Surprisingly, none of us had written a story narrated by a carrot before! We have explored what the world might be like through the eyes of something so much smaller than us - how things that seem small to us must seem so much larger and scarier. To help us, we all laid at the foot of the Christmas tree in the Hall with our eyes at the same level as the (googly!) eyes of our very own Kevin the Carrot and had great fun playing with language to capture his view of it! 

The lights look like a million suns beaming down on me. - Jasmine


The Christmas tree is like a magnificent tower leading to heaven. - Libby


The baubles look like shining planets hovering above me. - Sam W


Inch by inch, I scrambled and trampolined off the branches. When I reached a point just over half way, I rested on a giant pillow of tinsel. - Ewan


Amazingly, I found myself climbing inch by inch through a galaxy of Christmas decorations. - Abigail 





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With a clearer view of the world through Kevin the Carrot's eyes, we considered what it might look and feel like at different moments in his quest in the advert and about how we could use language to capture this. What would it feel like having roast potatoes rolling after you if you're only three inches tall? Would ice cubes seem like icebergs? What about the flames dancing on a Christmas pudding - how big would they seem? And how could we paint a picture of the world from this perspective for our reader?

After some brilliant discussion and experimenting with language, we settled down to retell the story under the watchful (googly!) eyes of 35 Kevin the Carrots in Big Write today! Choosing our Writing Goal Scorers of the Week has been one of my biggest challenges of this week - what stunning effort, enthusiasm, imagination and writing, Badgers! 

Next week, we will be choosing our own inanimate objects to bring alive and send on a Christmas quest, which we will also be telling from their perspective. I've already heard discussions about a 'Chris the Cross Candy Cane' - I can't wait to see what he gets up to! 

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